Ishvara is the closest gas giant to Opus, and it is the reason the Torvahd Imperium entered the Vernouli System and uplifted humanity to galactic standards. Ishvara has begun moving closer to Opus, and while it is moving very slowly, without outside aid there is little doubt that Ishvara would destroy the inner planets. The Imperium’s stated goal in the system is to restore Ishvara to a safer orbit, and to oversee the cultural advancement of Killian’s Bounty.

Ishvara has one of the most spectacular ring systems in the wormhole nexus, and one major moon, Kurma.

As Ishvara is a gas giant, many physical parameters that we at Worldcorp usually include will not apply.

Physical Details1

World Type Medium Gas Giant
Average Orbital Radius 1.6 AU
Density 0.182
Diameter 65190 miles
Blackbody Temperature 169 K
Cloudtop Gravity 1.48 G
Mass 100
Planetary Orbital Period 2.26 Earth Years
Planetary Orbit Eccentricity 0.2
Minimum Separation Between Ishvara and Opus 1.28 AU
Maximum Separation Between Ishvara and Opus 1.92 AU
Total Tidal Effect 1
Rotation Period 10 Earth Hours
Day Length (Time Between Sunrises) 10 Earth Hours
Axial Tilt 24°

Satellites of Note

1 These sections were filled out using the excellent worldbuilding chapters in GURPS Space (fourth edition). I highly recommend you picking it out.

2 Some values, such as density or mass, are multiples of Earth’s values (so a density of 0.9 means nine tenths of Earth’s Density)


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