Wainfont is the second world orbiting Opus in the Vernouli System. Like its sister world Acarpous, it is a tide-locked world, infernally hot on one side, and frozen on the other, a barren world with no native life as we know it. It is, however, significantly bigger, and has remarkably abundant resources, so many corporations have gone to Wainfont to gather them.

Physical Details1

World Type Small Rock
Average Orbital Radius 0.31 AU
Atmospheric Mass Negligible
Pressure Category Trace
Atmospheric Composition N/A
Atmospheric Pressure Negligible
Hydrographic Coverage 0% Liquid Water
Average Surface Temperature 368 K/202.2° F
Climate Type Infernal
Temperature Range Higher than 160° F
Blackbody Temperature 383 K
Density 0.82
Diameter 4683 miles
Surface Gravity 0.47 G
Mass 0.16
Planetary Orbital Period 69.4 Earth Days
Planetary Orbit Eccentricity 0.05
Minimum Separation Between Wainfont and Opus 0.295 AU
Maximum Separation Between Wainfont and Opus 0.326 AU
Total Tidal Effect Tide-locked to Opus
Rotation Period 69.4 Earth Days
Day Length (Time Between Sunrises) Unending
Axial Tilt 18°
Volcanic Activity None
Tectonic Activity None
Resource Value Modifier +3, Rich
Human Habitability Score 0
Human Affinity Score +3

Societal Details1

Settlement Type Mining Outpost
Setting TL 10
Local TL 10 Standard
Carrying Capacity 55.7 million
Current Population 15,963
Population Rating 4
Interstellar Society Empire
Society Type Dictator
World Unity World Government
Special Condition Colony (of Killian’s Bounty), Subjugated (by Torvahd Imperium), Bureaucracy
Overall Control Rating CR 4
Actual Per-Capita Income $40,200
Per-Capita Ratio 0.6
Typical Wealth Struggling
Economic Value $642,000,000
Trade Volume Come Back To After More Inhabited Planets Have Been Made

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1 These sections were filled out using the excellent worldbuilding chapters in GURPS Space (fourth edition). I highly recommend you picking it out.

2 Some values, such as density or mass, are multiples of Earth’s values (so a density of 0.9 means nine tenths of Earth’s Density)


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