Killians Bounty

Note: This world should be titled “Killian’s Bounty” but because of a flaw inherent with wiki-links, apostrophes can’t be put into title pages. Please let me know if anyone knows a way around this. I honestly wasted a good 20 minutes trying to figure out why [[Killian’s Bounty]] wasn’t working. That being said, let’s get to the actual description of it.

Killian’s Bounty is the human homeworld. It’s in the Vernouli System, located close to a wormhole leading to the Nevarian Nexus, which is what made it appealing to the Torvahd Imperium. Shortly after humanity had developed its first jump drive, it had been discovered by imperial forces who were looking to use the planet as a military outpost to guard activity from the Nexus. When the Torvahd discovered that the planet was populated by an intelligent species, it quickly colonized the planet, and “united” the Killian nations under a puppet government. This was not without its perks though, as Killian’s Bounty received advanced technology in order to maintain the Imperium’s presence.

Killian’s Bounty has one satellite, a moonlet called Errus. As Worldcorp gets more data on Errus, some of Killian’s Bounty’s statistics may change.

There are four continents: Arathea, Githernia, Thabeck, and Puccives. The major cities are Gull’s Peak (the trade capital), Remington (the actual capital), Pine Gulch, and Mount Blue-On-Sea.

The only Killian business to gain a foothold in the galactic economy is Contexture’s Limited, a gene-mod fashion concern.

Physical Details1

World Type Standard Garden
Average Orbital Radius 0.54 AU
Atmospheric Mass 0.82
Pressure Category Thin3
Atmospheric Composition Nitrogen, Free Oxygen (Unusually Low Levels Of Oxygen)
Atmospheric Pressure 0.91 atm
Hydrographic Coverage 78% Liquid Water
Average Surface Temperature 288 K/58.4° F
Climate Type Cool
Temperature Range 40° – 60° F
Blackbody Temperature 290 K
Density 0.94
Diameter 6281 miles
Surface Gravity 1.14 G
Mass 0.72
Planetary Orbital Period 162 Earth Days
Planetary Orbit Eccentricity 0.2
Minimum Separation Between Killian’s Bounty and Opus 0.423 AU
Maximum Separation Between Killian’s Bounty and Opus 0.648 AU
Total Tidal Effect 1
Rotation Period 24.1 Earth Hours
Day Length (Time Between Sunrises) 24.2 Earth Hours
Axial Tilt 16°
Volcanic Activity Moderate
Tectonic Activity Moderate
Resource Value Modifier -1, Poor
Human Habitability Score +7
Human Affinity Score +6

Satellites of Note

Societal Details1

Settlement Type Homeworld
Setting TL 10
Local TL 10 Standard
Carrying Capacity 0.75 billion
Current Population 1.08 billion
Population Rating 9
Interstellar Society Empire
Society Type Dictator
World Unity World Government
Special Condition Subjugated (by Torvahd Imperium), Bureaucracy
Overall Control Rating CR 5
Actual Per-Capita Income $42,000
Per-Capita Ratio 0.63
Typical Wealth Struggling
Economic Value $45,000,000,000,000
Trade Volume Come Back To After More Inhabited Planets Have Been Made

Bases and Installations of Note1
  • Spaceport
    • Class V: None, unless Trade Volume totals at least $20 trillion.
    • Class IV: One, located in the trade capital, Gull’s Peak.
    • Class III: Four, one located on each of the four continents.
    • Class II: Ten, 6 spread evenly around the world, four around Gulf’s Peak
    • Class I: Seventeen spread around the world
  • Colonial Office
    • The Torvahd Imperium has a colonial office in each major city.
  • Corporate Headquarters
    • Contexture’s Limited is headquartered in Gull’s Peak. Its PR5 is 3.
  • Criminal Base
    • The Silver Hand has its headquarters in Remington. Its PR is 1.
  • Espionage Facilities
    • The Torvahd Imperium has a Collective facility in Gull’s Peak, and a second in Remington. The first has a PR of 1, and the second a PR of 2.
    • The Torvahd Imperium also has an Interdepartmental facility in Gull’s Peak, with a PR of 1.
    • The Imperial Prince’s Secret Police has an establishment in Pine Gulch, with a PR of 1.
    • The Legionary Strike Force has set up shop in Mount Blue-On-Sea, with a PR of 2.
    • There is a Resistance espionage facility in Gull’s Peak, with a PR of 2.
    • Contexture’s Limited has an underground shop to spy on its local competitors in Gull’s Peak. Its PR is 1.
    • Worlds Enough, a terraforming group, has also set up shop in Gull’s Peak to keep an eye on the locals. It has a PR of 1.
  • Mercenary Base
    • Ra’s Crimson Jackals are headquarted on Mount Blue-On-Sea. They are under contract with the Torvahd Imperium to remain on retainer and strike down any resistance movement. Its PR is 2.
  • Naval Base
    • There is an Imperial Naval base in Gull’s Peak, which serves as both a refueling station for Imperial Navies running guard for merchant ships, and as a staging point into the Nevarian Wormhole Nexus. Its PR is 5.
  • Patrol Base
    • The Imperial Patrol has set up shop in Remington. It moves against the organized crime element in Killian’s Bounty, and also helps defend merchants from pirates in the local system. Its PR is 3.
  • Survey Base
    • The Torvahd Volunteer Survey has a base in Pine Gulch. It uses this as a starting point for any surveys going into the Nevarian Wormhole Nexus. Its PR is 2.

1 These sections were filled out using the excellent worldbuilding chapters in GURPS Space (fourth edition). I highly recommend you picking it out.

2 Atmospheric Mass is a measure of the world’s supply of gaseous volatiles compares to similar worlds, not compared to Earth’s.

3 The Pressure Category is one step thinner than expected because of the low oxygen.

4 Some values, such as density or mass, are multiples of Earth’s values (so a density of 0.9 means nine tenths of Earth’s Density)

5 PR = Population Rating, or how much of the population is going towards this institution. Mostly for my use only.

Killians Bounty

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